Our strong suits are – a deep understanding of technology and engineering, an entrepreneurial mindset with a lot of experience in various markets, and specialization in marketing strategy based on old-school knowledge, and teamed up with the profound understanding of all major digital marketing tools and platforms.

We have led and managed large multidisciplinary teams on various complex projects, both locally and across the globe.

We deeply and profoundly care about the stuff we do, and the people we work with, and we tend to engage others to feel the same way about the work we do together. Also, we help different departments achieve better understanding and communication with one another.

As a result, we have a very wide network of highly skilled specialists, that are always eager to work with me and help supercharge the results with their specific expertise.

We believe that preparation and clear instructions, along with planning and managing things well saves stress, time, money and energy.

Sometimes, things need to be done really quickly, with a very limited budget and not enough information to rely on. In these kinds of situations, experience and an amazing team that is willing to make an exception and prioritize that project, tend to make all the difference.

Fields we cover:

Marketing and content strategy, performance marketing and SEO, UX and CX analysis and testing, Creative content production (text, graphic, animation, photo/video), visual branding and brand naming, web and mobile design and development.

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